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Terminus Veil Volume 1 Xong Bros Variant Trade Paperback

Terminus Veil Volume 1 Xong Bros Variant Trade Paperback

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Limited Time Offer: Save $10 on Our Exclusive Variant Cover Graphic Novel by Xong Bros aka Krishna And Balram Banerjee


Book Description:

Follow Guardians International, a private security firm who are thrust into an epic conspiracy involving dangerous robberies, futuristic weaponry and gut wrenching betrayal. The leader of the Guardians, Wei “Quan” Gong, is locked in a power struggle with a calculating and cutthroat scientist, Dr. Edward Clarence. Discover which members of the Guardians will rise to become heroes and who will betray their peers in the action mystery comic Terminus Veil.

Terminus Veil Volume 1 includes more than 120 pages of explosive action!

  • Issues 1-4 for 92 pages of high quality sequential artwork.
  • More than 30 pages of supplemental content, including character bios, background story details, and concept art.
  • Trade Paperback.
  • For 16 years old and up!
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